We know how to make tours that you’ll never forget

Enjoy majestic mountain ranges or gently undulating hills, tranquil lakes or imposing glaciers

A European touring holiday means a ticket to an array of historical, cultural and natural wonders, unique to this varied continent

Neon Compass - We will guide through all European treasures

Sightseeing Tour Of Budapest

Budapest is full of UNESCO-listed monuments, architectural wonders, and lively markets, but visiting on a group tour means a fixed itinerary and less time to explore.

Discover Prague Private Tour

Explore Prague your way with this private tour that gives you the option of walking through the narrow streets or travelling by private car.

Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle Tour from Ljubljana

Explore the fascinating network of subsurface caves during a guided tour of the Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle, leaving from Ljubljana.

Hungarian House of Photography

The Hungarian House of Photography in the Mai Manó House provides a venue for Hungarian, international, historical and contemporary photo exhibitions.

National Gallery in Prague

We recommend starting at the main gallery and explore works of Czech artists Alfons Mucha, František Kupka or Josef Lada.

Slovene Ethnographic Museum

This museum is dedicated to exploring the ethnographic history of Slovenia through a collection of documents, artefacts and art all curated into an annually changing exhibition.

Europe Travel Tips

01. Mainland Europe is more than just France, Germany, Italy

If you’re planning a trip, make sure to take in a few of the lesser-known destinations too, such as the micro-states of Europe, or venture off the beaten track.

02. Let’s talk safety

Europe is typically a safe continent, though you should always check local information before you travel.

03. Cities are beautifully unique

From the hustle of London, the charm of Venice to the coolness of Berlin, European cities are vastly different both historically and culturally.

Václava Doubek
Co-Founder of Neon Compass